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Desert bottlebrush

Desert bottlebrush

Melaleuca faucicola

Family: Myrtaceae

Beautiful small tree with weeping foliage and bottlebrush shaped flowers which can be red or yellow. The flowers are bird attracting and usually appear after rain. This plant was formerly known as Callistemon pauciflorus.

An excellent choice for the home garden, it makes a useful screening plant, windbreak or small feature tree.

Can be found in the rocky gorges of Central Australia, such as Serpentine Gorge, Kings Canyon, Krichauff Range, Chewings Range and Palm Valley.

Where to find this plant at Alice Springs Desert Park

There are two specimens behind the café, demonstrating the two flower colour variations. This plant has also been planted around the Desert Park nursery to take advantage of runoff water and to provide a screen for the young plants in the nursery.

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