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Feathertop spinifex

Feathertop spinifex

Triodia schinzii

Family: Poaceae

Attractive tussock grass, the leaves reach about 30cm high with the dainty flower and seedheads rising above to 1.2m. The clumps can spread to 90cm but rarely form the rings typical of other species of spinifex.

This spinifex is distinguished by its unique flower and seed head. They can reach 2.5 to 3cm wide and produce a lovely, swaying effect when blown about by the wind.

Prefers clayey sands and red sand dunes areas and can be seen around Aileron, Watarrka and Uluru. It is often the dominant species or can be found growing with Triodia basedowii (lobed spinifex).

Where to find this plant at Alice Springs Desert Park

Look out for this beautiful grass in the Sand Country habitat near shelter F.

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