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Rattlepod grevillea

Rattleprod grevillea

Grevillea stenobotrya

Family: Proteaceae

Bushy shrub which can reach 3m in height. It has smooth grey bark and produces clusters of long creamy flowers in winter and spring. The leaves are long and narrow, green above and silver underneath.

The dry pods retain the seeds and make a rattling noise when shaken - which gives this plant its common name. Some Aboriginal people used these instruments as rhythmic rattles for ceremonial purposes. Eventually the fruit will dry out enough to release the seeds, which were eaten by people from several Aboriginal groups. The leaves have medicinal properties.

This grevillea prefers to grow on red or yellow sand dunes and swales and open shrubland on sandplains.

Where to find this plant at Alice Springs Desert Park

These plants are located in the Sand Country habitat opposite the first aviary.

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