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Weeping spinifex

Weeping spinifex

Triodia brizoides

Family: Poaceae

Compact tussock grass. Leaves grow to approx. 50cm high with a sharply pointed tip. The flower / seed heads rise out of the foliage to about 90cm. The seed head is loose and open with straw coloured seeds and usually weeps or droops to one side.

Common throughout the West and East MacDonnell Ranges in places such as Heavitree Gap, Simpson’s Gap, Standley Chasm, Ormiston Gorge, Trephina Gorge and N’Dhala Gorge where it occurs on rocky slopes and terraces. It can also be found at Rainbow Valley and in the Finke Gorge National Park.

Where to find this plant at Alice Springs Desert Park

This grass can be found in the Desert Rivers, Sand Country and Woodland habitat areas.

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