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Blue mallee

Blue malee

Eucalyptus gamophylla

Family: Myrtaceae

Mallee (meaning multi stemmed from the base) which grows to 6m in height with rough, fibrous bark. Distinguishing feature is blue-grey foliage.

The creamy white flowers appear in spring from October to November.

These trees are found throughout Central Australia and into Western Australia, usually in red sand or on rocky hills, always growing with spinifex.

Eucalypts often have juvenile foliage which is quite different to the adult foliage. In this species, the juvenile foliage is rounded and the two opposite leaves are fused at the base (which is the meaning of gamophylla). The adult leaves are rarely seen on this plant.

Blue mallees recover well after fire or damage to the above ground parts due to the presence of a lignotuber beneath the surface which stores nutrients and makes these available for regeneration.

Where to find this plant at Alice Springs Desert Park

Great examples of this plant are found in the Sand Country habitat especially on the sand plain.

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