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As distinctive as the Australian desert itself - a truly unique experience that continues to captivate and educate travellers from every corner of the globe. There’s much more to deserts than meets the eye and our visitors are astonished by the life and beauty they discover on their journey with us.

At the base of the spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges and just 10 minutes drive from Alice Springs, the Desert Park is closely connected to the local Arrernte people and embraces parts of the Akngwelye and Yeperenye Altyerre (Wild Dog and Caterpillar) dreaming stories. The stories and history of the Arrernte people, together with the plants and animals they are responsible for, are told through the interpretation and creation of three distinct desert habitats - Desert Rivers, Sand Country and Woodland. These habitats allow visitors to experience desert life as it really is. Guide presentations, a free flying bird show and the opportunity to see endangered animals in the Nocturnal House are some of the highlights.

Opening in 1997, the park covers 1,300 hectares of land seven kilometres west of the Alice Springs town centre. With a core area of 54 hectares the park presents and interprets the Australian desert environment and, its inhabitants while contributing to the conservation of Australia's desert flora and fauna.

Indigenous cultures intrigue and fascinate people, particularly with regard to the way people of these cultures relate to the natural world. There is a need to develop a connection to the environment, to the land, in a spiritual way. In culture all the elements of the land are infused with spirituality and people are connected to all these elements in a spiritual way.

With the loss of habitat, ecosystems, species and the changing of climate, the Alice Springs Desert Park is positioned to empower and connect people with nature, the natural world and the environment.

Through interpretation, immersive experiences and a holistic philosophy of nature, the promotion of Healthy Parks Healthy People can reinvigorate the senses and the soul.

Alice Springs Desert Park is an inspiring portrayal of Australia’s central desert environment that seamlessly blends the plants, birds, animals and people of our arid regions within one, tourism and conservation facility.

Our role in desert research and conservation has grown with the park and we partner in many research and breeding programs.

We are owned by the Northern Territory Government and run by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory within the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security.

The park maintains Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation.

Alice Springs Desert Park is a dynamic and authentic showcase of the natural, cultural and biological features that make Australia’s deserts so special and we are truly one of a kind.

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