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What's on

Our daily program gives our visitors the opportunity to interact and learn with our experienced guides and zookeepers. You may like to plan your day around the daily program.


Winter program

Valid from 1 November 2021.

Download the summer program PDF (629.6 KB).

Daily Presentations and Activities

Times Activity Where
8:30am Bird feeding
Desert Rivers are magnets for hungry birdlife       
Meeting Point C
8.45am Following the Tide
When the rivers flow, our aquatic creatures burst into life        
Meeting Point D
9.15am Discover Desert Habitats
Explore the botanical and cultural features of Desert Park
Meeting Point G
9:45am Nature Theatre gates open. No entry after 10am.
10am Nature Theatre - Free flying bird show
Free flying birds showcasing natural behaviours
11am Survival in the Desert
Learn how Aboriginal people survive and thrive in the desert       
Awaye Flat
12:00pm Thriving in the Heat: Plants
Plants in Central Australia have many interesting survival strategies
Meeting Point B
1:30pm Fighting extinction
Desert Park’s vital work to save threatened species 
Nocturnal House
2pm Have any questions about Desert Park?
Find a guide roaming with a torch in the Nocturnal house
Nocturnal House
2.30pm Incredible Edibles
The desert is a supermarket if you know where to look   
Meeting Point H
3.00pm Under the river red gums
Find out why Eucalypt trees are so successful in Australia
Meeting Point A
4.45pmDine in, Takeaway, Home delivery (Snakes)
Learn about our snakes and their different eating habits
Nocturnal House

Nocturnal House

Times ActivityWhere
9am - 5:30pm Nocturnal House - self guided
We turn day into night so you can discover the rare and endangered animals of the Red Centre        
Nocturnal House

Big Screen Movie

Times ActivityWhere
11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm, 5pm Changing Heart Movie
An epic journey through the creation of Australia's deserts.
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