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Ghost gum

Ghost gum

Corymbia aparrerinja

Family: Myrtaceae

Large tree which can reach 18m in height but usually much smaller. The bright green leaves hang down and the main identifying feature is the striking smooth white bark on the trunk and branches. The flowers are cream in colour and are arranged in short, dense clusters.

Originally named Eucalyptus papuana, the new species name can be interpreted from Arrernte as meaning found around river red gums.

Ghost gums tend to grow in open woodland areas, often standing alone. Another place they can be found is clinging to the rocky hillsides in the many gorges and along creeks.

It has been made famous through the artwork of Hermannsburg watercolour artist Albert Namatjira.

Where to find this plant at Alice Springs Desert Park

Stunning old trees can be found on the greater Desert Park site and can be viewed along the entry road. There are also younger, planted trees in the visitor centre courtyard.

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