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Red mulga

Red mulga

Acacia cyperophylla

Family: Fabaceae

Large shrub which branches from the base and features distinctive red-brown minniritchi bark (which peels with a curling effect). It commonly reaches 4 to 6m in height.

The modified leaves (phyllodes) are stiff and sharply pointed with a slight grey green colouring. The flowers are bright yellow and cylindrical. As with many other Acacias, the flowers often appear after rain events.

This species is restricted to several small, disjunct populations. It is mostly found in rocky watercourses in the arid region. It is an excellent choice for the home garden - a useful shade tree can be produced by pruning the lower branches.

Where to find this plant at Alice Springs Desert Park

There are several plants located  along the walkway from the car park. A stand of four trees creates a beautiful spot to sit in the courtyard. There are also a few red mulgas located near the Sand Country entrance to the Nocturnal House.

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