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Sickle-leaf wattle

Sickle leaf wattle

Acacia undoolyana

Family: Fabaceae

A quick growing, medium sized tree to 5m tall with bright yellow cylindrical flower spikes which appear in winter, followed by thin pods.

This plant is rare in the wild, found only in a few locations in the MacDonnell Ranges, such as at N’Dhala Gorge and Corroboree Rock. It prefers rocky or gravelly hill environments. It is listed as vulnerable under the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act (2000).

A very useful plant for the home garden, it is drought and frost tolerant. Removing the lower branches produces a lovely shaped tree. It is listed on the recommended plant database for the Alice Springs Town Council.

Where to find this plant at Alice Springs Desert Park

Rare on the park, there is only one plant growing behind the cafe.

Holtze: Northern Territory herbarium specimen database

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