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Whitchetty bush

Whitchetty bush

Acacia kempeana

Family: Fabaceae

Large rounded shrub growing to 4m in height with bright yellow, perfumed flower spikes appearing in late spring or after rain. The seed pods which follow attract large numbers of cockatoos, particularly galahs and red-tailed black cockatoos.

Usually grows in open woodland habitats on most soils except heavy clay.

Important for Aboriginal people as it has edible seeds, and witchetty grubs (a large whitish edible moth larva) are found in the roots.

Named after Pastor Freidrich Kempe, co-founder of the Lutheran mission at Hermannsburg.

Where to find this plant at Alice Springs Desert Park

This plant is found throughout the Desert Rivers and Woodland habitats. It was planted prolifically in the early days of the Desert Park to provide screening and background foliage cover as it is quite quick growing.

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