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Nature Theatre

Feel the adrenalin rush as raptors of the desert sky fly over your head. Free-flying birds of prey demonstrate their natural survival skills including hunting and foraging in a free-spirited display at the base of the MacDonnell Ranges.

Nature Theatre show is daily at 10am in summer (1 November to 28 February) and daily at 10am and 3pm during winter (1 March to 31 October).

Terms of entry

  1. Nature Theatre varies daily with no guarantee of species displayed.
  2. Places fill fast, be sure to arrive early. Gates open at 9.45am and 2.45pm and close at 10am and 3.00pm.  Once gates are closed they will not reopen with no exception for the safety of our guests.
  3. Please remain seated and please do not consume food in the amphitheatre.
  4. Management reserves the right to cancel or alter the experience for safety reasons at any time.

Curlew with childrenShow timeTrainer with eagle

EagleEagle on trainers armBirds flying

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